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:: Saturday, April 15, 2006 ::

New England College, Henniker, NH

Good people out there, five hours outside of NYC and beyond cell range. There was a moose sighting, which was unbelievable... a ten foot female who apparently stumbled over a guard rail and into the quad. Students screamed and chased her with camera phones while the intelligent Maine and New Hampshire natives kept their distance. Moose are wicked dumb, and as a result, unpredictable (their most human trait). The males can really mess a person up, Grizzly Man style, which doesn't mean that the ladies are particularly polite - they can do real damage, too.

But I guess a woman stumbling through a quad in a college always gets attention from guys with camera phones. How often have we seen this on late night cable TV?

Another hilarious feature of the college is a ramshackle old house right in the middle of campus, owned at some point by an angry old man who hated the school and put in the deed that it can absolutely never be sold to them. He's dead, but the house keeps rotting. Ironically, it looked beautiful, set in the long shadows of an early spring sunset. Long streaks of rust striped the boat-bottom green siding, and seemed like EXACTLY the kind of house the old man in "When She Walks By" would have owned. I brushed the song off and played it for them, which they really enjoyed. I haven't played that in a long while. It felt great.

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