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:: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 ::


i read this on the jayfarrar.net
message board. i'm sure it's still up there somewhere.

About 3 or 4 years ago when I lived in Nashville, I was walking with
some friends from my Apartment to the Ryman to catch the Willie Nelson
and friends concert. At a red light we saw this guy in maybe a 1982
Ford Truck with mud tires and a Hank sticker on the left bumper. The
light turned green, he laid a black mark on the pavement about six
feet long and sent up a cloud of dust. We started laughing. Another
block or so, we saw he had circled around and finally found a parking
spot. He got out of his truck, had on cowboy boots held together with
duct tape, and some jeans that looked like that was the only pair of
pants he owned. The guy looked pretty rough. He took off with a bag
that he took out of his truck and started walking. About two hours
later, this guy along with Keith Richards, Ryan Adams and Willie
Nelson walked on stage and nailed "Dead Flowers" by the Rolling
Stones. Later I found out it was Hank III. I remember feeling strange,
here I was feeling bad for this poor guy who had a beat up truck,
clothes, and a plastic sack. Then he came on stage at the Ryman.
Anyway, I keep up with his music now, and yes I think he is good.
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