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:: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 ::

WhiningBitch: http://www.myspace.com/kailayu. "I'm also a realtor, so contact me if you're buying or selling!"

XxCRYBABYxx: holy jesus

WhiningBitch: the music is incredible, perfect plastic, all about going to the club...the club...the club.

XxCRYBABYxx: ah, the club.

WhiningBitch: where is this club?

XxCRYBABYxx: And which way to the VIP. WTF.

WhiningBitch: "The Club"...it's a sandwich, to me

XxCRYBABYxx: maybe that's what she's talking about

WhiningBitch: "In Da Club...sandwich"

XxCRYBABYxx: Why are hos always going to the club?

WhiningBitch: what are they going to do, read "Slaughterhouse Five"?

XxCRYBABYxx: right but why not like...apple picking...or the ice rink?

WhiningBitch: wouldn't this just be a nicer place if the hos switched to apple picking.

XxCRYBABYxx: all the VIP rooms would be empty.

WhiningBitch: the orchards would be teeming with idiocy.

XxCRYBABYxx: is there scientifically verifiable information that says dumb people like bad music?

WhiningBitch: i don't know, but i love kylie minogue for the same reason, I think. it's mental intercourse with a musical blowup doll. That superficiality and nothingness is a kind of death. A finality.

XxCRYBABYxx: shut up

WhiningBitch: Death! Death, I say!

XxCRYBABYxx: i dunno

WhiningBitch: there just is nothing to find in any of the details of the work presented. it's like a basement in a Sartre novel.

XxCRYBABYxx: do stupid people gravitate to stupid music or is it learned?

WhiningBitch: both. i think community reinforces their desire to have Cristal dumped on their breasts. that kind of self-loathing is not innate, or we'd see similar behavior in other mammals.

XxCRYBABYxx: hmmm

WhiningBitch: meanwhile, talk about gravitating to stupidity, I'm surfing myspace all day: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=94339&friendName=Myla+Leigh+Chenoa&Mytoken=367666D9-B1A9-4AEA-A62E84A70BF2D3741292480984

XxCRYBABYxx: brilliant

WhiningBitch: I am every bit as stupid as everyone I think is stupid.

XxCRYBABYxx: bullshit

WhiningBitch: gotta stop asking asian strippers from ft. Lauderdale to go to brunch.

XxCRYBABYxx: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=71676&Mytoken=06E43BCE-BED9-46A4-92BB9E130BCEEBBA1102443343

WhiningBitch: Interests: razor blades, birthday parties, Ted Bundy, hot pink lipstick, Chanel purses, dirty underwear, cum stains, insomnia, fake eyelashes, slit wrists, beauty queens

XxCRYBABYxx: fuck yes

WhiningBitch: take her apple picking.

XxCRYBABYxx: I think I have.
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