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:: Monday, September 26, 2005 ::

so much happening, it's hard to put it in sentence form. i just clog up with stuff. i'll bullet point.

- went over to my sister's house, played her the songs for the new record. really weird to hear them, such infants, so unsure of themselves right now. even the heavier ones, the bright and shiny pop ones. they are wandering around in my voice, not sure how they want to come out. it's very discombobulating, and also incredibly affirming. there are some absolute killers on this next one. and it takes a lot for me to say stuff like that about my own work.

- friday night - huge flood in my apartment. my studio wasn't affected, but it rained in my bedroom, and traveled five more floors down the building. I'd just gotten a new queen size bed. apparently it was not the right one. It's now a queen sized sponge, and weighs about 2500 pounds. the place is a disaster, but somehow the episode felt cleansing, as it occured on the anniversary of the release of Skimming.

- World Cafe performance with Lesley will air this week. I'm psyched for her, and think we played great. WXPN in Philly has been so supportive of me, and reached out to her, too.

- so much else, just ridiculous. it's a blur. i'll sort it out, dole it on a need to know basis.

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