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:: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 ::

Lesley Gore, sold out last night at Joe's Pub, NYC -- best show yet. We are really getting that looseness that comes with time together as a unit. We added "California Nights" into the set, which we hadn't played since Vegas, and played the hell out of it. This whole show is a very different thing, for me, and a breath of fresh air. People say they're surprised to see me with an electric guitar, and that's just crazy. Electric is my first instrument; acoustic came much later.

Today, Lesley hit a Tennessee radio interview with Ashley Adams, and then to Chuck D.'s "On The Real" show on Air America Radio. It will air on Sunday. Lesley has been saying some beautiful things about "Someday," about how she feels it is the sequel to "You Don't Own Me." She's said it in several interviews, now, and as a songwriter, I'm blown away by that.

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