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:: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 ::

Blake's show went great. It was so cathartic to play that loud and sweat that much. The Marshall 4 x 12 was warm and gorgeous, and Flying V was crushing, though in the heat, it got a little hard to tune. Ah, who fucking cares. Ellinghaus (drummer) gave me the ultimate compliment: "You remind me of the guitar version...of me." I'll keep that for a long time. The crowd was strong and supportive, and the puppet show beforehand performed a really funny version of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit." I mean...puppets. You know? Lesley Gore came up to sing "Better Angels" and just blew the room away. The NYC Women Firefighters came up on stage and got a huge round of applause from grateful New Yorkers.

Then we all got shitfaced.

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