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:: Friday, April 22, 2005 ::


I don't think that I belong here
I had a different life in mind
If I were not so shot full of poison
I'd just leave it all behind
And move out of the city
If I could figure out where
Though everything that terrifies me
Would just be waiting for me there

I'm getting to
Escaping from
The rush of air that burns the lungs
But something there keeps telling me
To run

I went from having lots of bad friends
To feeling totally alone
I'm gonna have to call that progress
Though I wish I'd made it long ago
I'm still trying to find a woman
Who's strong enough to be with me
When I cry like nightclubs in the morning
For what's still so far out of reach


What I need is some peace of mind
But it's just like me to make believe that everything's just fine
While I rub these wounds like pennies, like someday they're gonna shine
And they never do.


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