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:: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 ::

playing catch up, here:

holy cow, i can't believe so much is going on. no choice but to give three sentences on everything:

FUNK BOX (MD): Great great band show, with the pics to prove it in the gallery section of the site. (not so) sad has become a total favorite, and the fans in MD are amazing. It's always such a joy to play that city, and we have WTMD to thank for much of it.

DETROIT: A great solo show, and a new song waking up and fitting into the set with all his brothers and sisters. It's fun to witness that. We got back to the Detroit zoo, but this time the polar bears really had that look of out-of-work actors moping around a coffee shop, groaning, "I was almost on "king of queens" - i gotta get my headshots together. uhhhh."

THE SPACE, CT: What can you say when there's an open mic after your set, and someone who's driven from Boston plays "When She Walks By"? I was blown away. He does it better than I do.

MAXIM SWIMSUIT DVD: Yeah, "be your man" playing under models with sprayed on sweat clutching vice grips and pretending to fix a catalytic converter while making out. Whatever. Should be out this October.

FUSE CLUES: New TV theme for a show on FUSE network, co-written with my man Blake Morgan. They're threatening to change the name. Whatever it's called, it's scheduled as a definite GO for October.

sure. somebody get some sleep for me. thanks.

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