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:: Thursday, July 22, 2004 ::

Last night in Farmingdale was pretty classic.

The Downtown is a cool place that has pretty big names for being in such a sleepy section of Long Island. Nice stage, hilarious double doors that open out into a big, low space that DEFINITELY was used as a strip joint at some point. The stage must have had a pole run straight down the middle once upon a time. And there I was.

As I started playing my set, I noticed a weird clanking sound coming from stage left. Spoons. Someone playing them. I looked over and saw an older guy - much older - holding a long neck Bud and playing the spoons along to my songs. I always think I've seen everything - when will I learn? I stopped before "Skimming" and asked him if he was professional. He kinda slurred his words and muttered, "Nah. I just come here every night."
"And you play the spoons while bands play here every night?"
"Uh. Yep."
I checked the schedule of coming attractions over the bar. "You know, I see that Flock of Seagulls is coming next week."
 "Yeah?" The name didn't register.
"Are you going to play the spoons with Flock of Seagulls? Because by now I bet they're so angry about playing 'And I ran' every night that they might jump off stage and kill you."
The old man smiled good naturedly. "Nah. They wouldn't do that."
I paused.  "Would you like to come up and play the spoons with me?"
The crowd cheered him on, but he became bashful. I placed my chair and a microphone up next to each other. "The invitation is open."

Half way through "God" he decided to stumble up on stage and sit in the chair. I gave him a solo before the second verse. He took it. I don't know what rhythms he was locking into, but it was vaguely interesting, and more just bizarre. Still, it was nice to have company. He was smiling and concentrating and basically having the time of his life. The crowd cheered him on, and after the song, he stumbled back off stage, but not before telling me, "I like you. You're good. I'm here all the time, I'm going to tell them to have you back. You're great. Thanks a lot."

Hey. Flock of Seagulls might kill him, but I won't.

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