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:: Thursday, March 4, 2004 ::

March 1
exit in w/ Keller Williams

sold out show. kind of a blur. keller williams is the nicest guy on the planet, rivaled only by Lou, his soundguy. i only got to play a short set, but it was a worthwhile one, in front of a great crowd. many were not sober. i love people all blasted on ecstasy. they're so kind. they see the good in people, in themselves, in music and art and life. is it the drug talking? sure it is. but that's ok. i like talking to the drug. unfortunately, the drug needs people to inhabit in order for us to converse. so it wears people like a summer dress, or sometimes several at a time, and what fun we have! we talk about all sorts of things! other drugs! barfing! the urinal in the men's room that's overflowing all over everyone's Birkenstocks! i enjoy talking to the drug, no matter who it's in.

the show was solo, and the boys left early. turner has caught a cold. toby is concerned about some stomach thing. me, i'm ok, for now. i'll probably contract both conditions in the coming days. i have a long, long way to go.

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