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:: Monday, March 1, 2004 ::

got into nashville last night, so today is like our day off.

the boys have gone off in the car to see "monster". i'm doing laundry, being mundane. sitting in a coffee shop. it's raining. wilco's on the overhead. "yankee hotel foxtrot". nice instrumentation ideas. sure. if thomas dolby were on right now, i wouldn't complain, though. i've been getting into him for some reason.

touring with a band is great. there's a lot to recommend it. I swear, over there at Mountain Breeze, had I hit that alone, I would have been wandering casket supply stores the following day. but with a band, it's like having a team. a gang. the drums allow people to really feel the pulse of the songs. I put a lot of work into the bass lines on "skimming" and now they can be heard by the people i've wanted to play them for. it's more satisfying. and a lot easier to sing over. it's like i've been sleeping on a cot for 5 years, and i've been upgraded to bed. nice. sweet dreams.

we're half way, today. we're making friends out here. making fans. there is a lot of hardship and exhaustion, and mixed in, there is a deep contentment that goes all the way back to the first time i ever felt free in my life. i was standing on a gas dock, in a warm wet breeze, somewhere in the south, on tour somewhere with some other group. the car was filling up with the cheapest grade gas, the band had gone to pee and stare at obese graybearded truckers and highway trinkets in the gift shop. alone, momentarily, i felt like i could have been anywhere, and that after all the practicing, suffering, miles, and mistakes, Art was beginning to talk back to me with a wild horizonless view of the universe.

the metaphors run wild and horribly shallow, unfortunately: the potential of the highway, the replenishing of energy and mobility expressed in the gas, the strange capsule of the car, etc. all boring thoughts to me, now, but still, thoughts i haven't ever escaped from. you'd think i grew up in a skinner box, in the monkey cage in some poorly-tended, understaffed zoo. like i was fed through bars and never touched in any meaningful way. like i starved myself until i was thin enough to slip out of the cage, and no one to come looking for me.


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