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:: Thursday, February 26, 2004 ::

Tuesday, Feb 24 – Vienna, VA
Jammin Java

I’ve tried to play here about three times, and every time, something horrible has happened… the storm of the century, hurricane Isabelle, and the power grid explosion that darkened the east coast all occurred on days scheduled for mike errico at jammin java. I woke up to a light snowfall, and thought, ‘here we go again.’

Undaunted, I picked up Turner at his studio and then drove way uptown to pick up Toby. We quickly realized that the truck is too small for the gear. Luckily Toby had some straps, and we tied stuff down on the roof. It looks like the damn Beverly Hillbillies.

Jammin Java is a cool spot. I can’t believe we made it, this time. We sound good, and will tighten further as the tour progresses. As a band, we rolled out “underwater” for the encore, and solo, I played a new one, kind of untitled, though something like “Ever Since” or something might be the title.

After the show, I was backstage walking around with a beer in my hand, and leaned over to pick up my cell, forgetting the beer was open; I dumped half the bottle into my open bag of fresh clean tour clothes. Tour has begun.

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