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:: Thursday, February 26, 2004 ::

Feb. 25 – Blacksburg, VA

Strange breakfast. An old lady looked at us and repeated, “A guy in here had size 16 ½ feet. Craziest thing. 16 ½ feet. This was about 3 weeks ago. You want more coffee?”

We bought a soft shell roof rack for the top of the car. Now there’s some room in here. Now we look like…well, what we are. A band.

I wasn’t expecting much from Attitudes. I was expecting attitude. I had a bad attitude. We pulled up to Attitudes, and it was connected to a restaurant called Latitudes. I drew conclusions. But I was wrong.

Drew, the promoter, is a senior at Virginia Tech, and one of those totally inspired, and inspiring guys that bands love to get out of the van and meet. He gets the Matt Wisotsky Award for Blacksburg, VA (SANAP). He had our hotel, food, sound, and load in totally wired, and made it easy for us to do our jobs. Thank you Drew.

Several fun bands were on the bill, and students who came down had a great time, even though I think I inhaled a small ball of dog hair that flew out of the harmonica at the beginning of “Springtime”. Jeff, the soundman, did as good a job as possible, muttering slightly under his breath about the DJs who come in and compromise the club’s sound system. What a team: a promoter who cares and soundman who cares. That’s rare. I wish you guys the best, and I hope to be back soon. We definitely made some new fans

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