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:: Sunday, February 29, 2004 ::

2/28 Mt Airy, NC
Mountain Breeze Music w/Jerry Chapman

the sign on the door read



something about this low, long roadhouse in the middle of Mt Airy reminded me very much of the bar scene in "Blues Brothers", with the chicken wire and the strange stares. Also, I thought of Thunderdome. But for other reasons. Mt. Airy, it turns out, is the birthplace of Andy Griffith, and the inspiration behind the old TV show with the whistling on the theme song. There are lots of stores that talk about Mayberry, and the various characters. We went to a Salvation Army and I picked up an REO Speedwagon tour t shirt from the '84-'85 tour. it's blue, and I can't think of anyone who'd look good in it. but it cost a dollar.

Jerry's great, and knows this kind of 'bar/roadhouse' playing really well. His set was full of fun Kiss and classic rock covers, and he has an infectious smile that makes it all work. A very generous soul.

Unfortunately, we don't have any covers worked up, and though i'm sure it wouldn't take long, i'd rather get new material of mine up, or simply write more material. that said, they were dancing to "be your man" which was cool to watch - i wonder if they were two stepping, though i wouldn't know if they were - but towards the end of the set a couple shouts of, "PLAY SKYNYRD!" came from the back of the bar. man, it's always disappointing when people step into a big stinking pile of their own stereotype.

then we all got hammered.

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