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:: Sunday, February 29, 2004 ::

2/27, Charlotte, NC
Neighborhood Theater

one thing i've noticed is that it's hard to write with a band on the road. the bottomless cup of coffee and the wall of silence and fluorescent light has been replaced by human conversation. Many would call that a fair trade, but the price is the writing.

17 inches of snow have fallen, and no one here owns a shovel. for real. no one owns shovels here and the city has no plows. the snow has sat on highways and sidewalks over night, and has pooled and frozen, and it's kind of treacherous out here. cars are stacked up all over the interstate. but for us northerners, this is a school day.

Peter Jennings has been talking about Charlotte's accumulations on World News Tonight. Bad sign for the show.

but it sounded great again, and a couple of diehards with four wheel drive came down and danced in the aisles. Thanks especially to Derel and Ellen for making the trip from Ashville to see the show.

We'll be back.
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