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:: Thursday, February 26, 2004 ::

2/26 winston salem, nc
ziggy's w/jerry chapman

snow is terrifying to these people. there are about 4 inches of it on the ground. scary white stuff. cold. disappears on lips and cheeks. cannot operate vehicle in it. must stay home.

a few brave souls showed, and for our efforts, the club called the gig off minutes before we went on. I somehow managed to guilt them into giving us a 25 min set after grabbing the mic and inviting everyone back to my hotel room for a solo acoustic set with a couple of six packs bought from the bar.

it was 25 degrees in the place, and we played with sweaters and hats on. we could see our breath. i grabbed the kerosene space heater from the bar area, brought it down to the stage area, and the brave souls huddled around it for warmth until we played.

but you know? we played great. they danced, and knew the words and had a good time.

I will not be daunted. you cannot stop the rock.

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